Whale Flights in Kaikoura

We offer a variety of flights showcasing Kaikoura's amazing marine life, such as the largest of the toothed whales, the magnificent sperm whales. Whale watching from a helicopter provides excellent viewing of the entire animal, as well as insights into the animals behaviour.

Kaikoura is home to a huge variety of marine life. The sperm whale is the main attraction, as it is a year-round fixture in Kaikoura’s waters, and is the largest predator in the world. From above you can see the entire whale, as well as an insight into the animals behaviours. New Zealand fur seals and dusky dolphins are also in Kaikoura year-round. 

In addition to the sperm whales, Kaikoura is also on the migratory path of a number of whales including blue whales, humpback whales, fin whales, southern right whales, pilot whales, and orca, as well as a variety of dolphin species.  The helicopter gives you the flexibility to get around to different species that are in the area.


Allow 30 min

From NZ $350.00

See the mighty whale in its entirety from head to tail

Ocean Safari

Allow 45 mins

From NZ $475.00

Extended tour to enjoy more wildlife and scenery


Allow 60 mins

From NZ $650.00

Our 1 hour heli-experience exploring mountains and sea

Ultimate Adventure

Allow 80 mins

From NZ $895.00

The ultimate experience showcasing the best of Kaikoura


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