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Whale Watch Experiences

Come and fly with South Pacific Whale Watch for that unique perspective only we can provide. We offer unforgettable flights showcasing Kaikoura's amazing marine life, such as the largest of the toothed whales, the magnificent sperm whales. Kaikoura's resident sperm whale population can be seen year-round.

Kaikoura is renowned as a biodiversity hotspot due to the 3km deep offshore canyon which runs along the coast. Sperm whales, humpback whales, blue whales, southern right whales, long-finned pilot whales, orca, common dolphins, dusky dolphins, Hector's dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and New Zealand fur seals may also be sighted. The wild is closer than you think!

Experience the finest

SPH May16 005

Whale Watch Explorer

30 minute helicopter experience

Our Whale Watch Explorer flight is our introductory trip enabling you to enjoy the many marine wonders that the Kaikoura...

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SPH May16 015

Whale Watch Ocean Safari

40 minute helicopter experience

Our 40 minute Whale Watch Ocean Safari incorporates the Explorer experience viewing the local sperm whale population, wi...

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SPH May16 016

Whale Watch Discoverer

50 minute helicopter experience

Our Whale Watch Discoverer flight incorporates the spectacular panoramic views of Kaikoura marine life from above, with ...

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SPH May16 61

Whale Watch Premier

60 minute helicopter experience

This is South Pacific Whale Watch's longest and most exclusive flight that showcases everything the beautiful coastal to...

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