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You are never too YOUNG to FLY! - (CLICK YouTube for Video).  "Thank you Lemkus Family" (@danlemkus)


BEST DAY EVER  (@hamishstubbs) 
"From the first time we walked into the office to when we left we were made to feel welcome, All of the team at South Pacific Heli were amazing. We headed out to try find some whales and WOW we were not disapointed what a trip in there very modern and comfortable helicopter. We were so lucky to see a Sperm whale,a ginn whale and to tick one off my bucket list since I was a kid, we got to see 5 BLUE whales!!! We were never expecting that and it was mind blowing to see it from. the air.
"Amazing time in the air.  We flew around three whales.  With the lower morning light we were even able to see the Sperm whale's pectoral fins, and the size of the head.Cruising over the dolphins gave an appreciation of the massive size of the pods - again something missed from the sea. The landing was also great - at the top of the hill /mountains allowing a great panorama over the harbour."  
"We stepped out of your helicopter yesterday and felt completely lost for words!  From the beautiful coastal sights, information about the earthquake and the plans a foot for the road to the staggering heights of the seaward kaikoura's standing at over 8000 feet to the bluffs and lakes, we were truly blown away by our experience.  Thank you to Dan and the team for an amazing experience, one that will never be forgotten. We cannot wait to return to Kaikoura and do it all over again."
"This was our first time in a helicopter and on our bucket list. The trip was amazing, thanks for making this a fantastic memory."
"Thank you South Pacific Helicopters! I had a brilliant flight over the town of Kaikoura, along the Peninsula and around the back of Mount Fyffe. It was absolutely brilliant. Amazing sights and landscapes. Highly recommended to all!"
"I had never been in a helicopter before, but it really was the best thing I have ever done. It was all so easy and exciting. Dan the pilot made the whole process a breeze. Seeing the sperm whale was just beautiful, and the views from that perspective in the air were worth a million dollars. If you're thinking about booking.... just do it! You will always look back at your photos so pleased that you did. It's worth it. Thank you."
"I had a lovely time flying over the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula with South Pacific Helicopters. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, and breathtaking views. A must do!"
"It would be idiotic being in Kaikoura without visiting these guys for a flight! I totally recommend!"