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Our Aircraft

Our helicopters are classed as eco-copters due to their quiet noise signature, which means there is less disturbance to marine life during flights, showcasing natural behaviours and providing superior viewing. 

Bell 206 JetRanger

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The Bell 206 has four (4) passenger seats, single turboshaft engine, light utility, two-bladed rotor helicopter that is reliable and delivers a smooth ride.

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Eurocopter 120 Airbus

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The EC120 has four (4) passenger seats, single-engine, light utility, multi-mission helicopter, featuring a wide ergonomic cabin with high levels of visibility. 

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The EC120 has the distinction of being the only single-engine rotorcraft to be certified to JAR/FAR 27 standards; including an energy-attenuating main structure and energy-absorbent seats for all on board. Speriflex main rotor head and an eight bladed anti-torque tail rotor, which have been credited with contributing to the rotorcraft's reduced noise signature, which is 6.7 decibels below International Civil Aviation Organisation limits. 

Eurocopter AS350

B3 Squirrel

Two Aircraft Hapuku2

The B3 is a single engine, has five (5) passenger seats, is a light utility helicopter with a Starflex rotor system (pictured on left next to EC120).

Screen Shot 2018 02 07 at 10.58.28 PMIt is equipped with hydraulically-assisted flight controls and was developed to comply with the stringent noise requirements for use in locations such as national parks.  The in-cabin noise levels are such that passengers may readily converse during flight. It is also well known for its high-altitude performance and has seen frequent use in such environments.